Only Financial Members of LCA and associate members can use our facilties .  

The conditions of membership to Liverpool City Archers is that applicants must have: 

Completed a Come & Try session and a 2 part safety assessment with an accredited LCA club coach, or   

Be transferring from another Archery Australia registered or affiliated club with current financial membership, or   

2. Renewing a prior membership with Liverpool City Archers, under the condition that membership has not lapsed by more than 18 months.   

Members are required to read the Club Rules and Regulations, and understand your obligations to be a member of Liverpool City Archers.   

Contact us at   

 Associate Membership is available upon application for financial members of other ANSW clubs. Note that associate membership automatically ceases should your primary club membership become un-financial.    

 Members whom hold active membership of a club registered to Archery Australia or 3DAAA may shoot at the LCA but must contact the Club Secretary and pay the range fee. You will not be permitted to use the club facilites, untill you have this request approved. Please note this can only be approved Four times per membership year.   

Please email to:  

The email must clearly state the following details: 

 1.  Full Name
2. AA / 3DAAA Membership Number
3. Details of Current Club
4. Contact Number
5. Bow Type
7: Emergency contact details 


Once approved in writing, a copy of the email MUST be carried at all times. Upon request, it should be presented to ANY LCA Member.