How to Score

Target Archery

For Outdoor Target Archery there are two target sizes used either 122cm or 80cm in diameter. For some high level competitions there is a variation with the 80cm face where the scoring zones only goes out to the Blue (5 scoring Ring).

Outdoor Target faces have five coloured rings from the center out these colours are Gold, Red, Blue Black and White, each of the coloured zones are divided into half with a black line (white line for the black ring) giving 10 scoring zones. Scoring values inside out are 10, 9, 8. 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 point.

The 10 scoring zone also is divided in half with an additional ring called the X ring, arrows in this ring still score 10 points but are recorded on the scorecard as an X. If there is a tie the X count is used to break the tie.


Indoor Archery

For Indoor Archery there are two size target faces but with variations for each face, 3 arrows are shot each end. The most common Indoor Target Face is 40cm used when shooting at 18 meters and the 60cm used at 25 meters. The 40cm target face has three variants, either a single face or triple faces. The triple face come in two styles either three vertical faces or three face set up as a triangle. Generally recurve archers shoot the single face which like Outdoor Target Archery Indoor Archer faces have the five coloured rings with each ring divided into two giving 10 scoring scores also with the X ring within the 10 ring although arrows hitting the X ring do not score an X only 10 points.

 Compound generally shoot the triple faces shooting one arrow into each face, this helps to eliminate arrow damage as well shoots which may glance off if they hit an arrow already in the target, this can affect the score. Triple faces are only scored out to the inner blue or 6 points.

 If you shoot a triple face and the arrow lands outside of the 6 ring it is scored as a miss which is why recurve and less experienced archers usually choose to shoot the singe face. During competitions the choice of target face either single or triple is up to the archer to decide although the use of vertical or triangle triple faces depends upon the event being shot. Triple vertical faces are FITA Indoor Archery rounds, while the Triple Triangle are used for the Australian indoor Rounds.

 Scoring is slightly different than Outdoor Target Archery for compound archers, for recurve, longbow etc there is no change. For compound the ten ring along with the 9 scoring zone is scored as 9 points and the X ring is scored as 10 points making for a much tougher competition for compound as the 10 ring is now half its usual size.

For International competitions the triple faces are further modified and only specific target face are used. For the Recurve face this only has the 10 ring, no X ring while the Compound face does not have the 10 ring only the X ring. This is to make for a more understandable event for major competition such as World Indoor which is broadcast on TV.

 For Indoor Competitions the X ring is never scored for Recurve as an X but simply a 10.

 Picture of indoor faces

Field Archery

 There are 4 different size target faces – 20cm, 40cm, 60cm and 80cm

 Field faces are black with a gold center, field faces have five or six scoring zones, depending on the type of round being shot.

 The scoring values for each zone from the center out are –

 FITA Field Round – 6 for the X Ring, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1.

 National Field Round – 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1, the X rings scores 5 points and is recorded on the score card as an X. If there is a tie the X count is used to break the tie.

 For the FITA round is 24 targets with 3 arrows shot at each target with a possible score of 18 points per target.

 For the National Field Round 4 arrows are shot at each target with a possible score of 20 points.

 Picture of Field Targets

Clout Archery

The Clout Flag is triangular and is in the centre of the Clout scoring zone. The Clout Flag is usually white or a bright colour with contracting edges.

The Clout target is 15 meters in diameter, on each side of the Clout Flag spaced 1.5 metres apart are coloured flags, Gold, Red, Blue, Black and White.

To score a non-stretch rope usually metal which is marked off for the 10 scoring zones and is moved around the Clout.

One archer is assigned to each colour and they remove the arrows in their assigned zone as the rope touches each arrow. When all arrows have been scored and removed from the ground each scorer lays their arrows down on the ground within the assigned scoring zone with the arrow nocks facing toward the Shooting Line alternating in each scoring zone.

As each archers name is called out they call out the scores for their arrows while they pick up the arrows. There is no X ring in Clout.