General Information


The Liverpool City Archers Inc. was formed in 1978 and have been at its current location ever since. We cater for Target Archery, Field Archery, Clout Archery and Indoor Archery.

The club invites membership from a large range of ages and abilities with members ages ranging from eight years to eighty plus. Archery is a sport that most people can participate in, including many with disabilities. You don’t have to have any particular physical attribute to become good at the sport so come along and have a go…its great fun and the members are friendly and supportive!

Archery can be enjoyed at many levels as a casual social activity or for the competitively minded at club, state, national and international level.

Safety is our absolute priority at the club and all safety rules and policies MUST be followed.

The only people permitted to shoot at the club’s facilities are current financial club members, approved visiting archers or supervised temporary members undertaking an archery introduction course or approved guests.

Proof of membership may be required, always have your membership card with you. Non club members affiliated ASNSW or Archery Australia archers may shoot as an approved visitor, non club or ASNSW or Archery Australia affiliated persons must take out Temporary Membership.


Annual fees include a club fee and registration fees for Archery Australia and Archery NSW. You must not shoot at the club if you have not paid your annual fees.

Membership cards are issued by Archery Australia and these must be either in your procession, worn or hung off your quiver while on the range. The Archery Australia membership card also identifies your club membership.

The registration fee also covers you for insurance, supports the coaching qualification program and enables you to participate in club, interclub, state and national events.

Archery Come N Try and Coaching

The club has Archery Australia qualified Archery Coaches to help you.

All instruction and coaching is provided on a volunteer basis and is subject to coaches’ availability.

An archer requiring help should seek the assistance of an accredited coach; they are there to help you, though they will not interfere with your shooting style unless you ask for help. Coaches participate in shooting too, so they will make a specific time with you to help.

Coaches are also happy to give you advice on equipment you should be using and what would be the best equipment to purchase. Coaches are also available to assist you to set up your equipment.

To find out about Archery Come & Try and Coaching email: as we are all volunteers please allow 1 -2 days for us to reply to your enquire.

We also ask particularly parents of minors should also sign in as this is part of Child Protection Procedures.

Signing the Attendance Book is a Liverpool Council requirement as well as an Archery Australia requirement to ensure compliance with the insurance policy.

You may not shoot unless you have either temporary or full current membership of the club and ASNSW/AA and if you shoot without these memberships and fees paid up you do so without the club’s permission and will not be covered for public liability insurance.

You are also required to sign out just prior to leaving the club. The attendance will be used for a Roll Call if there is a need to evacuate the club.

Your Responsibility as a Member of the Club

You must follow all rules, codes, procedures and directions of club officials; these are in place for your benefit, the good running of the club and the safety of fellow archers and the public.

You must comply with all Archery Australia Rules and Policies; some of these are detailed in this booklet but can be found on the Archery Australia website

If you shoot at the club, you are expected to assist in Working Bees and Club maintenance activities.

Take rubbish with you or dispose of in the appropriate manner, keep the kitchen clean, please clean up after yourself.

Club Facilities

In the kitchen there is a fridge and a microwave is available at the facility.

Keep valuables with you or locked away in your car while you are shooting.

Work Shop

Liverpool City Archers offers members the use of a workshop where you can set-up or repair your equipment. We offer – arrow making and string making equipment, compound bow press for adjusting and repairing bows, chronograph for checking bow speed, arrow cutter, and many other tools to assist with equipment set-up and repairs.

To utilize this facility ask one of the club coaches or a committee member, instruction and advice is always available.


Please keep clean and report any issues immediately. Toilets are not serviced, so if you make a mess clean it up.


After a short probationary period members can obtain a club key, the key will open the Front Gate & Toilet. There is a $50.00 refundable deposit on Club Keys.

With the Front Boom Gate, this is a Liverpool Council gate and there are limited keys available. Generally on the weekend the Boom Gate is open during daylight hours. During the week the Boom Gate is generally locked, but you can still gain access.

To gain access to the club leave your vehicle by the Boom Gate and walk down to the Club gate and open with your key. By the left hand gate there is a metal box on a post, using your Club Key open the box which contains a Boom Gate key, then proceed back to the Boom Gate and open, drive your vehicle in, but ensure you close the Boom Gate after you.

Replace the Boom Gate key back in the box and lock for the next person. When leaving reverse the process.

Hunting Arrows

Only arrows fitted with Target or Field points are permitted at Liverpool City Archers. Hunting arrows or arrows fitted with hunting heads (Broadheads) are NOT PERMITTED.

A member found to be using Hunting Arrows will be immediately expelled from the club with no refund of Membership Fees. Police will also be called as we will consider this to be vandalism.

First aid and Fire

A first aid kit , defrabilitor, and a snake bite kit is available in the Office Container.

Alcohol and Drugs

Liverpool City Archers is a Good Sports accredited club as such alcohol may not be brought on to the grounds or consumed at anytime. This is a Club and Liverpool Council rule and will be enforced.

Archery rules also prohibit the consumption of alcohol and drugs on an archery shooting venue or while shooting.

Under no circumstances are you to be under the influence of alcohol, performance enhancing drugs or illegal drugs while participating in archery activities; archery rules stipulate a blood alcohol limit of zero.

No Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in the designated smoking area. In accordance with Archery Australia and World Archery (FITA) rules, smoking is not permitted on the shooting line or shooting venue or around the Field course

Drive Way Speed

We ask that people be aware of movements around the Club Carpark, also the the gate is very tight so we impose a speed limit of 10kms. We ask that you be aware of this rule and consider the safely and well being of all members and visitors.


When you join Liverpool City Archers Inc you are automatically a member of Archery Australia Inc (AA) and Archery NSW Inc (ASNSW).

This club follows the rules (including shooting rules), the codes, policies and relevant procedures of World Archery (FITA), AA and ASNSW and you are bound by these rules etc.

Key Archery Australia rules such as – Code of Behavior – Parents and Visitors, Code of Behavior – Participants, Code of Ethics – Officials, Code of Ethics – Coaches can be found on the Archery Australia website

Non-compliance with the rules, codes, policies and procedures may lead to disciplinary action which can include formal warning, special restrictions, withdrawal of privileges and awards, exclusion, fines, suspension and termination of membership or other disciplinary action as considered appropriate.

Non-compliance may also create an unsafe situation.

Member Protection

The club is committed to providing an environment free of discrimination, harassment,
abuse, and other forms of inappropriate behavior and will be delt with accordingly.
Liverpool City Archers is Governed by Archery Australia rules and policies.